I shall bring each & every brief to life with innovation, creativity & a royal blessing.

I shall not use two words where one word would suffice.

I shall not keyword stuff, for I shall write primarily for the reader, not for Google.

I shall write content in the realm of my speciality only.

I shall proof-read to achieve nothing less than perfection.

I shall always search beyond the box for inspiration.

I shall conduct all duties with complete honesty & transparency.

When we created the King Commandments

We thought about everything that was wrong with the content marketing world. Then we made a pact to fix them. No one has the time for long, babbling content that does nothing but scream desperately to Google.

Especially not your customers.
Cross over to our Kingdom and join us in a new way of doing things.

Why waste a sentence saying nothing

– Seth Godin.

“Content is King, but Marketing is Queen … & She Runs the Household.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk

In 2015, The Washington Post made an impossible estimate. They calculated that, if someone were to literally print out the internet, there would be roughly 305.5 billion sheets of paper.

If we attempted to prove them right or wrong, we could probably say goodbye to our forests. Let’s take their word for it. It’s clear that churning out content and throwing it into the woods of the web can mean that it gets lost within the foliage. So we steer everything we do with hard data and tried-and-tested strategies.

Content backed up by SEO. ​That’s the real Power Couple.