Dull, Corporate Videos are a Thing of the Past

The video world is constantly progressing (thankfully).

The key to success is to focus on entertaining your audience. If you can manage that, the conversions will naturally follow. Video grabs attention and immerses your customers into your product, service or company. It also wins more shares, interactions and conversions than text-alone content. If that wasn’t enough, online videos make customers 64% more likely to buy a product online.

Of course, it’s only this effective if it’s done properly. And while your smartphone can probably take not-too-bad Instagram videos of that gig you went to last Friday, the quality just isn’t high enough for a video that’s going to represent your brand.

That’s where our video marketing services come in. We expertly weave beautiful, professional quality video content into your overall campaign, interlocking with other channels and forms of media to create a complete end-to-end strategy for your brand.

Whether you’re launching a new product in Melbourne, showing off a new in Sydney, our video creation services will tie in nicely with your overall brand marketing strategy.

How Our Video Creation Services Makes Your Content Brilliant, Not Bland

Where appropriate, we don’t shy away from humour . Your video should allow your brand’s personality to shine through the screen. Showcase your identity as you showcase your product and you’ll keep your audience’s eyes on you.

We use just the ​right amount of embellishment​. We add that touch of creativity that doesn’t retract from the true purpose of your content.

We​ tell your story​. Because everyone’s got one and your customers want to hear yours. An engaging narrative keeps people captivated from “Rolling” to “Cut”.

We ​make it memorable​. Just like everything we do for our clients, we’ll never allow you to become “old news”. We’ll work with you to develop visual content that stays in your customers’ minds long after they’ve wandered to other corners of the web.