Top 5 South Korean Content Types Killing It Online!

Asia is on the “up and up”, it’s no secret. In fact, CEOs around the world are scrambling to make connections with overseas businesses in a bid to network with some of the most lucrative startups and legacy companies.

South Korea, in particular, is becoming a heavy hitter in terms of influence, but there’s more to their success than business acumen alone. Yes, the country’s economy and industries are booming. But you don’t just become Asia’s premiere “It” nation and have millions of international youngsters running to Lyceum institutes to learn Korean cause business is good.

In fact, Korea’s position of influence on the global stage may not even be due to their corporate successes but rather, their creative content which is being consumed en-masse by every demographic imaginable.

Koreans know how to produce content that people absolutely love so here are our top 5 South Korean content types that consumers can’t help but devour.


Korean Dramas and Films:


From their very early foray into film and drama, South Korean telenovelas have proven successful from the get-go. “Boys Before Flowers” which was produced more than 10 years ago has become a staple within its genre.  The series rocked the world and broke the hearts of teenage girls all over Asia, putting Korea on the map for dramas of this kind.


Fast forward to 2019 and the Korean film industry is in full force. Locally made masterpieces such as “Train To Busan” and “Psychokinesis” are winning awards in foreign nations, while more and more Korean directors are being asked to create cross-cultural pieces by the American film industry. One only needs to view the Netflix hit “Okja” to see this in action.


Here we see how the monopoly of the Hollywood film industry is waning. Nations are creating quality content in a bid to have their craft recognised, respected and celebrated.

Here’s the hilarious trailer to the equally hilarious film Psychokinesis, now showing on Netflix.



Korean Game Shows:


If you have never sat down and watched a Korean game show, prepare to have your world rocked. Rocked to its BLOODY CORE.


How does one describe a Korean game show to a newcomer? There are simply no words. Forget the debonair hosts with capped teeth that you’re used to seeing on western television. Korean shows boast pure grit, hilariously awkward editing and amazing meta animations that revolutionise the viewing experience.


Not only is the game show industry a multimillion-dollar affair, but the content is celebrated for bringing viewers together in the ultimate display of Benedict Anderson’s “imagined community”. Viewers become thoroughly engaged through a celebration and exhortation of purely Korean content that showcases their unique cultural idiosyncracies, language and humour that only they know so well.


While this may be an attempt on our part to describe just how witty and entertaining these shows are, we are left fumbling through our words. Have a look for yourself at this amazing video of a man attempting to eat noodles on a rollercoaster. Don’t ask…. just watch.





This list wouldn’t be complete without a full mention of Korea’s most popular music genre, KPOP. While Asian musicians from other nations have struggled to break into overseas markets (often having to sing in English in order to promote accessibility), Kpop artists have garnered a massive following around the world without having to compromise on culture.


While historians may one day argue that this influx in popularity is likely due to the dawn of the internet, there’s so much more to it than good broadband.


The music produced is of exceptionally good quality.  The production value is world class and every song is thoroughly thought-out and refined to perfection. It’s all killer no filler. While we personally can’t understand the lyrics, we often find ourselves appreciating some facet of each song, be it the rhythm, the tonality of the voices or the experimental sounds. The music showcases pure excellence, attesting to its popularity.


Not to mention, the aesthetics utilised in music videos is 100% en pointe. From the choreography to the styling, nothing is taken for granted.  Artists undergo rigorous training for years before their debut so only the ‘best of the best’ make it big. Check out this stunning video and song by co-ed group KARD. The visuals are dreamy and the song is an audio-treat!



Korean Fashion and Style:


Korean fashion isn’t just a thing, it’s THE THING. Designers from the nation are absolutely raking in the cash for their sartorial stylings with cult followings spanning further than Seoul’s borders.


Brands such as Fleamadonna, Goenj and Kye are run by local designers trained in Europe but the look and feel of all the labels have a very Korean touch. Seoul Fashion week is becoming a major staple amongst influencers and fashionistas, while online shops are making squillions. You only need to visit sites like “Yesstyle” and “Shop and Box” to find out why.


With the current success of Korean brands, Korean fashion is proving to be an everyday (worn) indicator of South Korea’s world domination through the garment trade.




An odd one to end with, but we personally think it’s the best. If you haven’t heard of ASMR, the acronym stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” which describes the sensation one experiences when they hear a sound that sends tingles down their spine. Korea is famous for it’s ASMR Youtube bloggers who use high-quality microphones to capture sounds created when eating, almost creating the illusion that the viewer is eating the item themselves.


Yes, they record themselves and capture every single crunch, munch and slurp in the process.


While ASMR is not for the faint-hearted and may be a little disturbing for some, the sheer popularity of this content which originated in Korea (or at least is Korean dominated) has accumulated millions of views, shares and likes. It’s instigated so much buzz online that even Michelob Beer (USA) created an ASMR inspired ad with Zoe Kravitz.

This is a true testament to the global influence of ASMR world-wide, despite its ability to give us the shivers. Good shivers though!




Asia is big, Asia is poppin’. But South Korea is particularly hot right now with no signs of cooling down. Korean content and culture are proving to be game changers in our globalised world, breaking down stereotypes and hindering monopolies held by elite groups that are losing control of their historic influence. South Korea is shaking things up and we can’t wait to see just what other content delights they come up with in the coming year.

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다!






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