The Future of Social Media is Now

Keep up or miss out. That’s how things work in the online social world in 2019.

Luckily, you’ve got King of Content to keep you “on-trend”. Our social media team is always paying attention, ensuring that we can make sure you see changes coming before your competitors do.

What are we focusing on right now?

Paid Social Campaigns

Pay-to-play reigns on Facebook and Instagram right now, but there’s no point in throwing money at your followers with average content. Choose a social media marketing agency who understands how to craft creative and engaging ads that your audience cannot ignore. Rest assured that we’ll dedicate your budget with as much care as we dedicate our own. With our focus being your ROI, tangible results and unique content (posted at the right time), you’re about to overthrow your competitors on social.

Influencer Relationships

Get connected with the people that matter in your space. This is your opportunity to leverage the fandom of influential figures for your own benefit. Whether your market is Sydney, Melbourne or Singapore, our social media team will find local, relevant and engaging personalities to help you reach your audience. Have them share your content and, because the news is coming from someone else and not straight from your brand, it has a bigger impact on your audience.

We build and maintain meaningful relationships with relevant influencers, so we can work on intertwining their name into your strategy.