Outsourcing vs. In-house Content Production: 4 Crucial Questions


Hmmm, seems like you’re a glutton for punishment!


If our first article on the tell-tale signs that you need to outsource your content hasn’t given you a St. John revelatory moment, hopefully, this article will.


Come, gather around…




Now, when it comes to digital marketing, we already know that “content is king”. By the end of last year 85% of marketers were leveraging content to build brand awareness and drive sales, with 75% planning to increase their content creation budget in a bid for better results.


Content marketing WORKS, it’s no secret. The question you need to be asking yourself is, HOW are you going to do it?


Whether an in-house or outsourced team is the best option for you, you’ll need to be asking the following questions.


Can You Afford It?


Let’s look at the costs involved in outsourcing vs. hiring an in-house copywriter, shall we.


The average salary of a content specialist in Australia is around $60,000.


Add the recruitment fee of $6,000 and you are now looking at a figure closer to the $66,000 mark (not even including overheads such as equipment, software subscriptions and rent, which can reach up to a further $2600!).


Now, let’s assume your average content agency charges $250 per every 500 words created for a blog, and $100 per social media post.


Now consider, your business needs… perhaps 5 blogs a week and 3 cross-platform social media posts. That’d total $2,450 per month and $29,400 per year.


So… when considering that hiring someone in-house is likely to set you back upwards of $5,500 a month, outsourcing your content could save you in excess of $3,000 a month.


$2,450 is definitely cheaper than $5,500.

And that’s some mathematical magic for you…




The numbers don’t lie.


Can you do it yourself?


As a key decision maker in the daily operations of your business, your activities would most likely revolve around higher priority tasks, such as closing sales. Sitting down to map out an effective content strategy and creating immaculate content to suit takes research, expertise, creativity and a butt load of time. Time, you don’t have.


Content agencies have dedicated content producers who know how to create data-driven content that converts. They also use industry standard software that backs their work and do it all with HUGE team of specialists to tailor the perfect strategy.


Whereas an in-house guy would be likely working solo…





When it comes to content, two heads (or a whole team of them) are better than one. Outsourcing will get you more bang for your buck!


Can you be consistent?


Riding off the coat-tails of that last point, consistency is equally as crucial as your carefully created content.


While anyone can post a pretty picture on Instagram, consistency is the key to turning your business into a recognisable entity that provides value to the lives of your audience.


Forbes magazine stated that consistency has the power to provide better financial value to a brand as well as create a sense of trust amongst followers, all of which are crucial to ensure the longevity of your enterprise. That means more and more content will be required as time goes by.


Unless you can execute the work without fail or your in-house employee can churn out post after post without stopping, you may want to put the job into the hands of a group of individuals with varying skill sets all of whom make your business THEIR business.


Can you let go of the reigns?


We understand that the appeal of having an in-house content specialist may still be looming. After-all, having someone who has learned the ins and outs of your company is more appealing than a stranger you’ve just met. Nothing personal, but it’s all very personal!


Agencies know that it takes time to build a relationship with their patrons and thus work tirelessly to learn the ins and out of businesses like yours.


The real question is whether you’re willing to let go of the reigns and leave the work in the hands of the experts. You can rest assured that King of Content is fully equipped to make data-driven videos, social posts and written content that engages with your following, getting you the results you’re after and more.


So can you stop lying to yourself and contact us already?





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