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Content Marketing Ideas so Crazy…They Just Might Work

  If what Seth Godin said is true, then “content marketing is the only marketing left”. And that’s great news to all of the content marketers out there. Right now, businesses are jumping through hoops to outshine their competitors and get the attention on them. The world of content marketing has gotten complex. But when […]

5 Ways to Help You Think Creatively

  If you’re a content creator, you are without a doubt your company’s main creative force that pushes projects onwards to completion. From concept development to final production, you’ll be a key crux in the creative ideation process and in projects coming to fruition. And to be honest, it can be the most downright draining […]

Go Planet! The Fruits of Green Marketing

  In the early 90’s, going green was a lifestyle relegated to hacky sack loving hippies. Hippies who could only hope for the day when larger-than-life corporations would take responsibility for the environment they’ve scathed. Come 2018 and what was initially a pipe dream is now the standard for businesses who are fully accountable to […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Developing a Brand Identity

  It’s not what you say, but how you say it. You’ve probably heard that before, from your parents, your partner or your friends. It’s the old chestnut that never seems to get old! Just like any other situation in life, that notion is applied when it comes to content marketing. Content marketing is effectively the process […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on YouTube

Our Top 6 Reasons Why YouTube is The Video Platform To Advertise On With all the celebrities born and viral videos showcased online, it’s plain to see that no other platform has churned out quite so many hits as Youtube. Thanks to the “Psys” and the “Pewdiepies” of the world, Youtube has been responsible for […]

Top 5 South Korean Content Types Killing It Online!

Asia is on the “up and up”, it’s no secret. In fact, CEOs around the world are scrambling to make connections with overseas businesses in a bid to network with some of the most lucrative startups and legacy companies. South Korea, in particular, is becoming a heavy hitter in terms of influence, but there’s more to […]

Outsourcing vs. In-house Content Production: 4 Crucial Questions

  Hmmm, seems like you’re a glutton for punishment!   If our first article on the tell-tale signs that you need to outsource your content hasn’t given you a St. John revelatory moment, hopefully, this article will.   Come, gather around…   via GIPHY   Now, when it comes to digital marketing, we already know that “content […]

Developing a Content Persona: Why You Need One!

  “…and you call yourself a content marketer”   We know you’re guilty of it. In fact, we know exactly what you’ve been doing. Rather, we know what you HAVEN’T been doing. And you call yourself a marketer. *PFFT* you should be ashamed of yourself… Truth is, you’re not the only one. It’s actually the […]

Writing Across Cultures: Writing to Reach

“I’ll be BACK” “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” “It puts the lotion on its SKIN”   No doubt when reading these lines, you heard them in your head a certain way. More than a collection of mere words, these lines maintain a cultural heritage that has permeated through generations, still carrying their […]

I Can See it Now….Literally. The Future. It’s Video.

  Thanks to customers’ rising expectations, the digital landscape continues to change right in front of our eyes and with it, the once very simple customer journey grows into an even more complex beast. Brands now have to consider more channels and devices than ever before, but what does this mean for their content strategies? One […]