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Virgin Active Collins Street Launch


Melbourne, Australia

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Maurizio Vasile

By Maurizio Vasile

Our Role

Content Production

Marketing Strategy


King Content involvement in the “Une Paris End club at le other end of Collins Street” campaign was to assist in promoting the message and make sure the message cut through a increasingly crowded space through various digital platform.

The campaigns main objective was to make the Melbourne CBD office worker aware that a new club had opened and that they should book a visit to come down and check it out.

The end numbers that came through were


in the first 3 days of posting on Facebook


resulted in increased sales for the month of June

55k total views

aswell as high customer engagement

The Challenge

Virgin active is apart of a crowed market, you don’t have to look that far around to find a gym! So the challenge was to clearly identify why they are unlike any another health club in the market and show them why gym goers should choose them over any other competition.

So how do we display this?


The interaction between the director of the clip and trainers and members is one of the most under appreciated qualities and skill between a videographer and there subject. Virgin Active focus on being more than a gym and also very welcoming to people of all different skills sets.

So the goal is to capture that “real life” emotions and enjoyment of using a club. A viewer needs to feel an emotion from watching the short video. More importantly they need to be able to in vision themselves using the Health Clubs.Its not as easy as you may think, especially in a gym environment. It’s about being warm and receptive and connecting with both staff and members.


We would produce two short 30 sec videos to talk to engage with our target audience. The best way to ensure the success of this strategy was to make it shareable online. “tag individual, hey we should go check this out tomorrow” Social media platform Facebook was the most cost effective and would allow us to carefully realise the video content.

The best way to realise this video content would be between the hours of 5pm through 7pm and the following morning between 7am through to 9am when the office worker would spend most of their time on the social platform whilst on the commute to and from home. Once viewing it, would prompt them to visit the club open days either the following lunch break or after work. The key was to produce two different types of video content allowing us to have double the engagement. Also the key to the success of this strategy was the turn around from filming to production, thats when King Content team really kicked into play with some fancy editing skills..


The opening day for the new Virgin Active collins street was held over two day on a Thursday and Friday, with a great response from the Melbourne market. We quickly identified from the two days that the problem with our target audience was that they were time poor and only had limited time during breaks. which led to the discussion to produce 1 min walk through of the club which could be re posted with all main marketing campaigns in the future and used to enhance the website.


The videos are documented on the Virgin Active Collins street page and the comments from both members and non members show how effective the videos were. Our goal was not to put focus on how many likes we could get but have but see people tag there friends in the video acting as brand ambassadors for the club encouraging them to go check it out and using the video as the reference point.

The “walk through video” were such a hit and received such great feedback that we went on to produce them for the other club in Melbourne and three more in Sydney. The key to this video was to make the club look amazing


Anton Brown

Chief Experience Officer at Virgin Active

Working with the team is an absolute pleasure. They get our brand, the tone we need to convey through the unique balance of our people and the place. You can see that in the way they bring the stories to life through the initial filming and final edit.

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