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The War on Dodgy SEO: ACCC’s Crucial Update

The War on Dodgy SEO and what the ACCC is doing to stop it SEO… it can make or break you. For all the feel-good digital marketing stories we hear about, we are unfortunately just as familiar with as many horror stories. The majority of these are usually in relation to...

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The Best of International Women’s Day

All the international ladies!     International woman’s day was and always is an amazing time of year to celebrate woman the world over. We were particularly blown away by the calibre of celebratory content that made its way online and around the planet.   Here are...

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How Video Can Strengthen Brand Awareness

Video may have killed the radio star but it’s doing a Jesus of Nazareth and resurrecting the DEAD when it comes to brand awareness. But in order to understand what a content agency like ours can do for you, lets first understand what brand awareness is and why it’s...

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The New Story Arc and Why Your Videos Need it

There are a few people whose authority you should heed in life, no matter what.   The good Lord, yo’ MAMA (especially when she gives you this face)…     …and then there’s Google.   When Google says something, you’d best be listening, especially when it comes to...

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This Week in Content Marketing #2

We just wanted to start off our blog with this...   The year is already in full swing and it feels like ages since we rang it in. But the content rat race hasn't shown any signs of slowing down since 2019 began. We've seen behemoth ads strike awe in the hearts of...

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Top 5 South Korean Content Types Killing It Online!

Asia is on the "up and up", it’s no secret. In fact, CEOs around the world are scrambling to make connections with overseas businesses in a bid to network with some of the most lucrative startups and legacy companies.   South Korea, in particular, is becoming a heavy...

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